The students achievement recognition program “Adaram” held on 26/07/2023 was a special event organised to congratulate and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students across various fields. This program aimed to recognise their hard work, dedication and excellence in extra curricular

activities. The program began with an award ceremony held in college auditorium. During the segments students who excelled in various categories were recognised and presented with certificate and trophies.

Gayatri M S was acknowledged for achieving the Second prize in Kathakali at the University Interzone Kalolsavam.

Her accomplishment showcases her dedication and talent in the art form, marking a significant achievement in her journey.

Mohammed Risham V. K. was commented for securing the third prize in photography at the University D-Zone Kalotsavam. This recognition highlights his talent and skill in capturing moments through his photographs

The college Oppana team was also commented and applauded for winning A grade in University Kalothsavam (D-Zone).

Safana P. K. was congratulated for bagging both the India and Asia Book of Records for making the maximum number of stencil portrait art of English writers in 17 minutes 14 seconds.

Alaa M Kamaruddeen was extolled for obtaining the World record and India Book of Records for the fastest self introduction in multiple languages. She Introduced herself in 20 International and national languages in 33 seconds.

Archana P. R was lauded and commemorated for clinching the Young Entrepreneur Award,

acknowledging her outstanding success in marketing Unibuz cosmetic products. Her achievements stand as a testament to her entrepreneurial prowess and effective strategies in the marketing domain.

Arun M V was honored and celebrated for his remarkable achievement in receiving the Young Farmers Award, recognizing his inventive and inspirational techniques within the agricultural realm despite his youth.

Later a diverse array of entertainment programs comprising music and dance performances were meticulously organized by the students, aimed at creating an unforgettable and captivating event.