About Us




I feel very proud and delighted to welcome, all of you, to St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College.
I cherish this time of the academic year mainly because the dust created by the recent pandemic has started settling down, paving the way for regular offline classes of diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, in the college.
At St. Joseph’s college, holistic training is of paramount importance. Education at St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College will prepare the students for a highly networked and competitive world. The whole personal training, provided here will support the various interests of the students, encourage them to develop their own informed perspectives and to inculcate managerial and administrative skills.
The college is keen on conducting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students, apart from their academic endeavours, to transform the main stakeholders here at St. Joseph’s to diligent students, smart team players, leaders with ethics, nature lovers and above all responsible citizens of our great country.
Becoming a Josephite, however, is the responsibility of the students and St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College offers the students plenty of choices and chances. As the Principal of the college, I call upon the students to develop confidence, shared vision for attaining the goals and to maintain a cordial relationship with every other individual in the college.
I am sure that St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Pavaratty will grow in size and visibility, with the dedicated leadership of respected fathers of CMI congregation, relentless co-operation of beloved parents of our children and spirited team work of teaching and non-teaching staff. Let us work towards enriching ourselves with meaningful transactions and dreaming the best ‘when we are awake’.
Thank you.