About Us


St.Joseph’s college runs under the able direction of CMI (Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) fathers who have from time to time immemorial evolved the cause of social uplift through their service in the fields of education like Christ University, Kristu Jayanthi, Banglore, Christ College ,Irinjalakkuda etc; health care like Amala Medical College, Rajagiri Hospital, Kerala and various other compassionate activities.
The Devamatha Corporate Educational Agency is the agency concerning the educational institutions under the Devamatha province of the CMI congregation. St. Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty, is a unit under the Devamatha province. The land in which the college is situated was originally in the name of St. Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty.
The college was started in the year 2015 with B.Com Finance, B.Com Co-operation and B.A. English programmes. Now we have BBA (2019), M.Com (2020), B.Com Addl. Finance (2020) and M.A. English (2021) programmes. Currently there are 750 students 29 teaching staff and 8 supporting staff in the campus.