On the auspicious day of September 9, 2023 the St. Joseph’s Arts and Science college family gathered in the serene ambiance of the college auditorium to celebrate the Vidhyarambham ceremony, a cherished tradition that marks the initiation of young minds into the world of knowledge and learning. This event was a beautiful blend of tradition, spirituality and academic aspirations

The ceremony commenced with the traditional Rangapooja, a colorful and symbolic ritual that signified the beginning of a new educational journey. Following the Rangapooja, The welcome speech  delivered by Director Rev. Fr. Jijo Theetai CMI effectively set the tone for the event. After that readings from sacred and holy books were recited, emphasizing the importance of wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality in the pursuit of education. Presidential address was delivered by Principal Dr. Joshi C. O. and Benedictory address was given by our Manager Rev. Fr. Joseph Alappat CMI.

The Vidhyarambham ceremony was formally inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Deljo Puthur CMI (Associate Director, Amala Institute of Medical Sciences) who shared inspiring words on the significance of education and lifelong learning motivating students to excel in their academic pursuits and develop a holistic approach to life.

The lighting of the lamp ceremony, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the ushering in of knowledge performed by the designated guest and the dignitaries was a heartwarming and enriching event.

Next was the Oath taking ceremony in a symbolic gesture the principal administered the oath to the students who solemnly pledged their commitment to diligent study and this marked their official commencement of their educational journey. Students took a solemn oath to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge, uphold the values of integrity and ethics and contribute positively to society.

Gurupooja, an integral part of the ceremony, was conducted to express gratitude and respect towards teachers and mentors who guide students on their educational journey.

When the time came for the parents to bless their children they participated by offering their blessings and good wishes for their children’s success in academics and life. Mrs. Shereena Johny, Vice principal and General Convener of this programme proposed vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants, committee members and rest of the attendees for making the Vidhyarambham ceremony a memorable and spiritually enriching experience.