Jwala 2024: A Celebration of Excellence

Jwala 2024: A Celebration of Excellence

The college Day at St. Joseph’ s Arts and Science College, Pavaratty ignited the flames of celebration on March 1st with the splendid extravaganza of ‘Jwala 2024’. The event, graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Ashique, a renowned Flute artist, unfolded as a grand spectacle, captivating hearts and minds alike.

Under the distinguished patronage of illustrious dignitaries, the formal proceedings commenced with a warm welcome by Rev. Fr. Jijo Theethai CMI, esteemed Director of the institution. Manager Rev. Fr. Joseph Alapatt CMI, illuminated the gathering with his inaugural address, setting the tone for the remarkable day ahead.

Principal Dr. Joshi C. O. in his presidential address, eloquently articulated the essence of academic excellence and holistic development fostered by the institution. Vice Principal Shereena Johnny presented the annual report of the college, highlighting its achievements and milestones.

The Chief Guest was honored with a memento as a token of appreciation. Following this, achievements, awards, and recognitions were celebrated, with prizes and certificates bestowed upon deserving achievers. The audience erupted in cheers as the football champions from the BBA batches were recognized and presented with their mementos. The overall championship was claimed by the BA English and B. Sc. Psychology students, eliciting hearty congratulations from the audience with applauses. The occasion was further adorned by distinguished personalities including Staff Advisor Mrs. Liji John, College Union Chairman Sanjay P. S. and PTA  President Salim K. K. who felicitated  the event, adding further prestige to the occasion.

The crescendo of gratitude resonated as Mr. Ranjith A. K., Arts Club General Convenor extended heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the success of ‘Jwala 2024’, underscoring the collaborative spirit and dedication that define the St. Joseph’s Family.

Together, amidst the hushed anticipation, they lighted the lamp symbolizing the unity and collective spirit that define St. Joseph’s College. Following this symbolic gesture, the stage was graced by the soulful melodies of Mr. Ashique, whose mastery of the musical flute transported the audience into realms of enchantment. His mesmerizing performance left the audience spellbound, enraptured by the ethereal beauty of his music.

Then the stage came alive with the vibrant energy of student performances, each act a testament to the diverse artistic talents nurtured within our campus walls. From electrifying dance routines to heart-stirring musical renditions, the students captivated the audience, earning thunderous applause and cheers of admiration.

Not to be outdone, the faculty also took to the stage, showcasing their talent through a stirring group song and a captivating dance performance. Their participation not only added to the spectacle but also served as a source of motivation and inspiration for the students, reaffirming the bonds of mentorship.

As the curtains drew to a close on this unforgettable day, the echoes of applause lingered in the air, a testament to the collective joy and camaraderie experienced by all. ‘Jwala 2024’ not only showcased the artistic prowess of our students but also served as a reminder of the vibrant spirit and unity that define the St. Joseph’s Family.