The alumni gathering at St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Pavaratty commenced on 10/02/2024 with a captivating dance performance by current  batch of students, setting a vibrant tone for the event.

Following this, a moment of reflection was shared through a prayer song marking the commencement of the formal proceedings. Alumni association convenor Manju Ma’am welcomed all and further emphasized the spirit of inclusivity and reunion. Director Fr. Jijo Theethai CMI extended a warm alumni message to all. The Principal Dr. Joshi C. O delivered a thought-provoking presidential address, setting a tone of reflection and gratitude.

The ceremony, accentuating excellence, duly recognized achievers. Sreelakshmi M. D. honored by the Chief Minister’s excellence award 2023, received a prestigious memento, commemorating outstanding achievement. Applause and admiration resounded as the accomplishments of Rumaisa Mohammed and Basneen Hudha, who excelled in qualifying for the NET, were celebrated with heartfelt recognition and a symbolic memento, emblematic of the college’s unwavering dedication to academic excellence.

With a keen eye on fostering lasting connections, alumni members were selected for forthcoming

meetups, underscoring the importance of continued engagement and camaraderie within the college community. Capturing the essence of unity and nostalgia, a group photograph immortalized the shared memories, while a delightful lunch provided a fitting conclusion, allowing students to reconnect, reminisce and rejoice in the cherished moments of their college days.